The Limits of Our Language Are Also the Limits of Our World

If there is no concept for something, then this something does not exist in our world. A world which one cannot express, is one that one cannot think, interpret or understand either. World and language are mutually dependent and change by interacting. When we lose language, the world disintegrates into meaningless things, for the limits of our language are also the limits of our world.

Our Offer

In the area of international company and client communications, our efforts are always directed at sustainably improving our clients’ efficiency and competitiveness through professional translations, execution on schedule and on budget and high quality standards. 

Whether you need translations from the area of business, law or industry, our integrated offer enables you to get all services from one source.

We translate for you: 

  • Balance sheets, annual accounts, business reports and tax assessments
  • Applications, contracts, quotations, orders, agreements, arrangements
  • Customs regulations, consignment notes and documents of title
  • General correspondence
  • Documentations, product specifications and instruction manuals
  • Technical manuals, catalogs and pamphlets
  • Software and Internet presentations
  • Advertising materials (brochures, leaflets and more)
  • Assembly and commissioning instructions, maintenance manuals
  • Operating instructions and service manuals
  • Court decisions and documents
  • Certificates, audit and expert reports
  • Software manuals and documentations
  • Computer applications

All translations are delivered ready for print in the file format specified in the contract.

Employment of Experienced Experts

Often, the translation is only the beginning of a process which ends with the finished product in another language. In the center of each translation process is still, and especially because of the by now nearly limitless technical possibilities, the translator. The employment of our experts, such as translators, editors and IT specialists, enables us to provide you with a high-quality end product.

Application of Effective Translation Technologies

For an optimal translation process, effective TM systems (translation memory systems) and efficient CAT software (computer-aided translation) are used. In this way, we maintain the high quality standard of our translations and give our clients the assurance which they expect of us for their foreign-language documentation with regard to consistency in terminology. We will incorporate your in-house or subject-specific terminology in order to meet your particular requirements.

Client-Specific Terminology Databases

For extensive projects, we create client-specific databases so that subsequent translations will be interactively supported on the basis of the existing database content. Due to the ever growing terminology data stock, you will gain a decisive competitive edge through systematic cost reduction.