Individual Special Services

Effective Decision Making

Companies which have decided to take the plunge into Eastern Europe are often facing complex questions: Which location is the right one? Which specific preferences do a country’s various groups of clients have? Where can additional opportunities for growth be found? 

Only if one faces up to these questions at the time of initial deliberations, can one with such a decision-making process ensure that future market entry strategies will be developed with an orientation towards the market, and can therefore enhance the opportunity for one’s growth of earnings.

Implementation of Market and Client-Specific Solutions

For this domain, we have a carefully selected network partner with industry-specific know-how and thorough knowledge of the local market at our disposal. The creative cooperation between your marketing experts and experienced on-site specialists makes the systematic and completely defined market analysis for your project, whether service or product, possible, thereby permitting the inference of appropriate market strategies.

Our Offer

Opening up a foreign market is extremely difficult. In order to be successful abroad, sound preparatory work and experienced on-site partners are needed. In coordination with our cooperation partners, we offer you the following services:

  • Individual on-site research to identify the right business partner for you
  • Interviewing potential business partners
  • Arranging personal meetings
  • Organizing, assisting and accompanying delegations
  • Search for suitable locations and support with company formation
  • Advising on selection of appropriate media, such as newspapers, journals, Internet portals, and support with placing of advertisements
  • Advising on and support with the selection of appropriate trade fairs in the target country
  • Legally admissible translations and coordination of all necessary documents, contracts and business records
  • Translation and adaptation of clients’ proprietary websites to the intended language area, taking linguistic, technical, cultural and legal aspects into consideration

We ensure communication, thereby creating the transparency which you need for your decision-making processes in order to successfully operate internationally.