Website Localization

Access to international markets and with it the opportunities to boost your growth of earnings are based on, among others, a professional company presentation adapted to the respective target market. 

Website localization is one the most important components of the globalization of products. With an attractive design and culturally aimed at your target audience, your Internet presence will be in keeping with international requirements. The adaptation of your website to the intended language area demands close cooperation between linguistic specialists and programmers who have maximum technical expertise. 

Our range of services is precisely matched to this complexity and its associated tasks. 

Localization and Maintenance of Websites

Elit Sprachdienste provides optimal solutions for the translation of websites as well as their adaptation to the culture of the country into whose language the translation is to be made.

In the area of website localization, we offer the following services:

  • Localization of documents in Java, HTML and other programming languages
  • Localization of texts and terms contained in databases
  • Checking of images and symbols for possible cultural problems
  • Checking and, if necessary, adaptation of contents taking culture-specific aspects into consideration
  • Translation of meta tags (title, description, key words etc.)
  • Checking for proper display on all browser types
  • Continuous maintenance of data content

We will be glad to provide you with an individual quote for the production of your website localization.