Software Localization

Software localization, i. e. the adaptation of software to the requirements of certain markets, by far exceeds the usual translation process. 

The localization of software demands a sound understanding of program runs and software components. This is a complex process which requires careful coordination of technical and linguistic competence. To be able to efficiently localize a software product, the product must be internationalized already during its development phase. 

We will set your software up for the structural situation of the new market and will support you in optimizing the localization process.

Localization and Maintenance of Software

Elit Sprachdienste provides optimal solutions for the translation of software as well as its adaptation to the culture of the country into whose language the translation is to be made.

In the area of software localization, we offer the following services: 

  • Localization of user interfaces
  • Localization of online help systems
  • Translation of installation and user manuals
  • Localization of all sample documents, templates and readmes
  • Creation and maintenance of terminology databases
  • Quality and function testing
  • Continuous maintenance of data content

We will be glad to provide you with an individual quote for the production of your software localization.