Internationalization: the Key to the Global Market Economy

The high intensity of global competition is continually increasing. It is mostly at the international level where a decisive competitive edge can be gained any more. A careful and comprehensive adaptation of your products and services to certain target markets is the prerequisite for the internationalization of your business activities.

Meeting Global Market Challenges

Our concept for the adaptation of your products to the desired markets, that is to say, to the prevailing local circumstances, includes a complete localization process in the respective national language. Localization is a complex process which demands a high degree of tact, skill and sense of nuances. Linguistic, technical, cultural and legal aspects form a close interrelationship.

Our Offer

Only through the skilled interaction of experienced translators, IT specialists and powerful localization tools are we able to offer you the optimal localization solution for your software or website. A textual, optical, technical and functional adaptation is thereby ensured and a higher product acceptance created. The localization of country-specific standards, symbols, graphics, measurement units, names, currency etc. will give you extra assurance and will contribute to your success in the most diverse markets. 

You will benefit from our integrated range of services in many respects: 

We will be glad to provide you with an individual quote for the production of your software or website localization.