Language: an Indispensable Tool

A language is a complex system of selected words and it forms the basis of the communication between people who are able to speak the same language. With its help, the world can be grasped and reality construed, thoughts are conveyed, facts, opinions and wishes exchanged. It is part of our personal identity.

“The ability to communicate in several languages is a great benefit for individuals, organizations and companies alike. It enhances creativity, breaks cultural stereotypes, encourages thinking ‘outside the box’, and can help develop innovative products and services.” 

Leonard Orban, EU Commissioner for Multilingualism

Our Offer

Professional interpreting is a core area within the range of services offered by Elit Sprachdienste. Our experienced simultaneous interpreters, consecutive interpreters and sign language interpreters will assist you nationwide as well as abroad and will accompany you on your way to success. 

We diligently strive to increase the number of our national and international teams. As a result, you can locally draw on our specialized interpreters who guarantee high-quality interpreting services for your event activities. For conferences, trade fairs and business negotiations, we will organize simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for you.

Quality and Responsibility

We aim our focus at our clients’ satisfaction and therefore at safeguarding a sustainably high quality of our work. Professional interpreting is not possible without extensive and regular training and continuing education. Accordingly, we combine a high linguistic competence with a profound subject matter expertise in the respective field of specialization. 

Each individual simultaneous interpreter, consecutive interpreter and / or sign language interpreter of our team is responsible for the quality of his or her work and its constant improvement. When practicing their profession, they are, of course, subject to professional confidentiality.