Legal Translations and Court Interpreting

The Legal Language: a Special Challenge

Translation of legally binding texts means rendering and imparting legal provisions and contents respectively from one legal system to another which places extremely high demands on the translator’s expert knowledge. 

Our Offer

Our competence in the area of interpreting and translation of legal topics in various fields of law, such as tax law, law of contract, commercial and company law, civil law or criminal law, is supported through our experienced sworn interpreters and authorized expert translators. To ensure a smooth communication between the legal representatives of different nations, we will be at your side with our interdisciplinary expert knowledge.

We translate for you: 

  • Contracts and agreements of all types (contracts of sale, cooperation agreements, insurance contracts, trade agreements, and others)
  • Certificates, audit and expert reports
  • Documents (wills and testaments, powers of attorney, and others)
  • Court decisions (indictments, orders, judgments, and others)  

In addition, we provide you with our interpreting services for court proceedings in all areas of criminal and civil law. 

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