Technical Translations and Interpreting Services in the Area of Industry and Technology

The Global Economy

The industry and technology sectors are playing a prominent role in the global economy. Rapid technological advance demands new investments by industry and technology providers in the area of international marketing and sales to guarantee decisive competitive advantages.

Our Offer

The individual subareas of industrial production, such as mechanical engineering and equipment, electrical industry or power industry, require an extensive knowledge of the industry and relevant professional experience. The close on-site cooperation with experienced expert translators, IT experts, specialized technicians and engineers enables us to offer you optimal solutions in the area of technical translations. 

We translate for you: 

  • Documentations, product specifications and instruction manuals
  • Assembly, commissioning instructions and maintenance manuals
  • Technical manuals, catalogs and pamphlets
  • Operating instructions and service manuals
  • Protection and safety regulations
  • Training materials
  • Advertising materials (brochures, leaflets, and others)

In addition, we provide you with our interpreting services for your events, addresses, conferences, business negotiations, factory tours, and others, in those venues where international communication takes place.

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