Our Services for Your Success

Here, right in line with our self-concept “Our Services for Your Success”, we put our priority on achieving the highest quality through our associates’ subject matter expertise as well as the effective use of technological language tools. 

In times when demands on translation competence become more and more complex and specific, the engangement of an international interdisciplinary team is a prerequisite for guaranteeing a consisitently high quality vis-à-vis our clients’ high expectations. 

Quality and Responsibility

Quality arises, among others, from the sum of subject matter expertise, linguistic assurance, intercultural competence and above-average commitment of each associate. We ensure internal quality standards through the continual improvement of individual business processes with the goal to guarantee a high level of performance with a minimal implementation period. To reach the best possible solutions, we form subject and language-related project groups for extensive projects which are coordinated centrally by a competent project manager.

Application of Effective Software Technologies

To optimize our range of services, modern TM systems (translation memory systems) and efficient CAT software (computer-aided translation) are employed. By using terminology databases, the meanings of terms are fixed by definitions and translated text segments can therefore be reused more often, resulting in the cost of text production to be reduced. This assures the consistency of terminologiy as well as the reduction in costs for subsequent translations. Simultaneously, the quality of translations improves. For us, this means: quality has priority, however, always at economically sensible terms which must pay off for you.

Quality According to European Quality Standard DIN EN 15038

The requirements of our quality management systems follow the European quality standard DIN EN 15038. You as our client are then at the center of attention. At the same time, we guarantee utmost secrecy and thereby absolute confidentiality as well as data protection. 

The following areas are covered by DIN EN 15038: 

  • Personnel and technical resources
  • Quality and project management
  • Contractual frameworks
  • Work processes for the provision of translation services